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Story - Healing with Sister H. Of Mount St. Joseph in Peterborough

One Day I received a call from a Sister H........ From the Mount in Peterborough...she remembered me from a day of Healing through the Therapeutic Touch group (I got to work with her) she remembered me and told me many times "you have THE GIFT"....I would smile and thank her..I believe she got great relief from our visit that day...So now she wondered if I could come to meet her as she had a personal request....I remember walking thru the doors of where many women enter at a young age and most never leave. The devotion of these women is truly remarkable and these words don’t do them justice. She told me her brother was diagnosed with Cancer and had maybe at most 3 months to live....Her other brother was a well known Priest in Douro .. ... I was very honored to be asked to Pray with her in the healing of her Brother J. ..she took me into the Chapel which was like something out of Rome. I was introduced to the house where they kept Christ....(the sacred bread) all the time I felt my heart beating so strong I thought I would come out of my chest....then we Prayed...a great calm came over me and when we were done.... the Chapel was full of Light....emitting from the front of the room....it was most odd. I told her of my early connection with the Woman and the Roses...she told me that was Saint Theresa ....I can still smell her when she comes thru as all you can smell are the Roses...most people also can smell the sweet scent....We hugged and I went home ....sometime later I got 3 urgent calls to call the Mount....It was Sister....she was so happy I could also hear she was crying ... she said "Its J..., he is Cancer free!!!! Do you think we should notify Rome?" Again....as I put down the phone I sat down and had a good cry of happy tears....then I got up and went and gave thanks....ever humbled to be called to pray ....I always wonder if she ever did try to call Rome!! Sue



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