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Healing Quest

It is sometimes a difficult thing to describe what I do...
As you make your way through this site you will see what I mean...
Healing comes in many forms... Physical, to Emotional, Spiritual ...as the saying goes, "Life is what happens to you, while you’re busy making other plans".... "Sometimes, Bad things happen to Good People". It is not what happens sometimes ....but how we handle it, how we react.

In my working with people deemed "Terminal" or "They can find nothing wrong with me!"....
My research has uncovered some Enlightening facts as well some Disturbing, about our Current state of Ignorance of the Powers that be...and I wonder...Why are we "Earthlings" slowly being Poisoned by hands that should know better?


Orgone Accumulators - non-toxic therapeutic energy



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Once something sacred is sold ...it is no longer sacred ...so I work only on donations ..I have no fee schedule and never will.... I thank the many helpers who have come to help me to help others. Many have left me donations to help with my growing cost’s and for that I thank you.

Healing Quest does not have any fee schedule. As such, we would welcome any donations intended to assist. We would also welcome donations of any kind to help with our various and ongoing services.
Mail donations can be made directly to:
Susan MacLeod/Browning
RR #1, Buckhorn
Ontario Canada
K0L 1J0
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